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BMD Books First Editions - H. Rider Haggard

H. Rider Haggard Ö one of the great authors of the 19th Century and a contemporary of Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Andrew Lang, Robert Louis Stevenson and many other great Victorian writers. One of his most famous adventures, King Solomonís Mines, is well-known even today.

Haggard is often referred to as the father of the lost race genre. 

The Rider Haggard Appreciation Society exists to provide a focal point for fans of Haggard by providing regular newsletters, occasional meetings and the provision of books for those who cannot locate certain titles.

Contact Roger Allen for details of this international association.

Roger Allen

Tel or Fax 0191 2524516 (U. K.)

Email at RB27Allen@aol.com


At BMD Books we sell books by and about Rider Haggard and his works. The pictures on this page were taken of some of the books in our inventory, however many of them have been sold. To see a listing of our current inventory of Haggard books, enter Haggard in the search box.





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